Aluminum extrusion
Aluminum die-casting
Aluminum Casting
Engineering method
Heat the aluminum ingots to 5/600 degrees and squeezed by oil pressure, the pressure up to 9,000 tons.
Aluminum die-casting is injection molding casting by metal oil pressure, the pressure can up to 3000 tons.
Pour the melting aluminum into mold, and take it out when cool-down.
Surface of extrusion always smooth and shine.
Between extrusion and casting.
Surface of casting usually rough and harsh, need to secondary.
Extrusion stuff can recycle for extrusion/die-casting/casting, belong hi-purity base.
Die-casting stuff also can recycle for casting and die-casting too, belong middle base.
Using low purity aluminum, almost to be alloy, have perfect fluidity.
Most of extrusion would heat treatment to increase mechanical strength.
Strength is between extrusion and casting, but die-casting not suitable heat treatment.
strength is pretty weak of casting.
Shape Complexity
Extrusion only can process the same Cross section of stuff.
Die-casting can treat custom.
Casting can deal with custom Shape.
If Collocation CNC and other secondary is expensive, but it also has perfect effect.
Comparison with extrusion collocation CNC, die-casting is more cheap, but die-casting only fit with high-fluidity of alloy.
Belong hi-difficulty but cost more cheap engineering method.

Surface finish usually directly affects the texture of the finished product, the degree of detail has a considerable difference.

The higher purity of the aluminum material, the better the cooling effect of the finished product, especially in the electronic parts of the temperature has a precise control.

The extrusion with CNC and other secondary processing are most expensive of, but the accuracy and precision are perfect, product assembly completely closely, good quality is the need to pay the cost of pursuing.

Our process:

Aluminum ingot Aluminum extrusion CNC machining sand blasting anodize .

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