• Input Volgate Range : 12~24VDC
  • No. of LEDs : 1Watt – 30 LEDs
  • Cover : PC Material ( Clear )
  • Heat Sink : Extruded Aluminum
  • Waterproof Design for Interior or Exterior use
  • Flash Pattern : 26 Flash Pattern
  • L Bracket is included
  • Available Color : Red/Blue/Amber/White/Green


WLS310-A-3W Programmable High Power LED Body Mount

Programmable LED Lights meet the changing conditions with one light.

These lights feature forceful Amber LED includes these Next Generation High Power LEDs promise incredible bright.

We believe Humanized design is necessary, Dim-mode switch can provide two strength to protect pedestrian’s eyes and keep their sight not Temporarily blind at night.

With SAE class 1 rate! 28800 to 7200 Candela. That’s 1.5 to 3 times Brighter than common product in the world. (SAE Class 1)

These lights are available in the strong “L” Bracket.

WLS310-A-3W offer greater, superior light output, synchronize capable and more easy to install flush mount design.

All of our similar lights are fully encapsulated too, which makes them totally waterproof and vibration resistant.

Driving and road security is serious, “DO NOT” let the low-quality blind you.

Designed by professionals for professionals, we provide Hi-quality and economy product, built for heavy duty use.


Options :

1. WLS310-P3 with Cigar Plug

2. WLS310 Cable Type only


SAE Rated !!!