• Input Voltage: 12~24 Volts DC
  • Cable Length: 1-3′ & 1-8′
  • LED Diodes: 8 per light head
  • Flash Patterns: 21 Patterns
  • Max number of sync. Kits: 8 head
  • Warranty: 1 years 
  • Dimension :  Ø37.6 * H 37.63 mm (each lamp)
  • Color :  Blue+Blue, Amber+Amber, Blue+Amber (as demand)


HA102-3W features incredibly bright Next Generation High Power LED’s, light output and unique function.

HA102-3W feature 4 built in Flash Patterns and are fully synchronizable with other light heads and feature a Dim Mode setting. 

All our other similar lights are fully encapsulated too, which makes them waterproof totally and vibration resistant.

HA102-3W offer greater, superior light output, synchronize capable and more easy to install flush mount design.

Driving and road security is serious, “DO NOT” let the low-quality blind you.

Designed by professionals for professionals, we provide quality and economy product, built for heavy duty use.



Hide away LED Heads with attached cables and waterproof Connectors*2.

Gasket Kits and 4 -Screws*2.

Center Flasher with dual waterproof outputs and 4 wire input*1.



1. Choose a place or the light assembly for which the light to be installed.

2. Drill a 1″ diameter hole in the place of body part or in the reflector assembly and make sure the LED light head does not interfere with or damage the existing factory bulb.

3. Use the supplied screws and gaskets to mount the LED hide away in the light assembly. We recommend drilling a pilot hole before inserting screws. 

4. If The mounting surface is curved additional sealing may be necessary for waterproof.

5. Red wire: Power +12~24 VDC to operate the lamp.

  Black wire: Ground. Connect to the battery negative terminal or a suitable chassis unit.

  Blue wire: Pattern selection. Touch and release to +12~24 VDC to change patterns.

  Yellow wire: Sync. Wire. Connect to the yellow wires of other HA102-3W series to allow synchronizing.  All Warning lamps must be on same pattern to be able to sync.



1. Do not connect light head directly to power. It will cause damages and void warranty.

2. All the color head should be collocated with same color type center box.

    color label of center flasher -> Color type of the head.

    a. Red -> Red and Amber.

    b. Blue -> Blue, White and Green.

3. Holding the Blue Flash Pattern selection wire to ground for more than 3 seconds will cause the lights to turn off. 

    Should this happen , just touch the Blue flash pattern selection wire to ground for 2-3 seconds and lights will turn back on.


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