• SAE Class 1 LED Warning Lamp.
  • Rated Voltage : Multi-Voltage 12~24 VDC.
  • Wattage : 51W@ 13.5V /  62W@ 13.5V
  • Amperage : 4.77@ 13.5VDC  /   2.26 @27.5VDC
  • Bulb : 30 LED in White ; 30 LED in Amber
  • Housing : Aluminum for heat dissipation. ( Black )
  • Cover : Polycarbonate ( Clear )
  • Optic Lens : Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA)
  • Dimensions : L 304 * W 134 * H 42.90 mm ( Height with magnet )
  • Weight : 1.6 kg
  • Package : 15PC/CTN/24kgs/25kgs/113*40*30cm (around 4.79′) 


UMB66-P7 features 60 incredibly bright 3 Watt Next Generation High Power LED’s, light output and unique function.
UMB66-P7 feature 4 built in Flash Patterns for ECE R65 and 15 built in Flash patterns for SAE Rate which are fully synchronizable with other light heads and feature a Dim Mode setting. 
All our other similar lights are fully encapsulated too, which makes them waterproof totally and vibration resistant.
UMB66-P7 offer greater, superior light output, synchronize capable and more easy to install flush mount design.

Product Feature : 

Flash Patterns : a. ECE R65 – Single ~ Double Flash
                             b. SAE Rated – 32 Flash Patterns
Light Unit are synchronized and can flash simultaneously or alternately.

Levels of Intensity : 

Top levels of intensity (Class 1 )
Applying Power to the white(Dim) wire will activate the effective intensity “by Night”, Disconnecting the white (Dim) wire for full power “by Day” Operation. 

The wire functions are as follows :

1. Black wire : Ground. Connect to the battery negative terminal or a suitable chassis unit.
2. Red wire : Power +12~24 VDC to operate the lamp.
3. Blue wire : Pattern selection. Touch and release to +12~24 VDC to change patterns.
4. Yellow wire : Sync. wire. Connect to the yellow wires of other UMB66-P7 series allow synchronizing. All warning lamps must be at same pattern to be able to sync.

Notice on Synchronizing and Phase :

a. To operate simultaneously , each LED warning lamp must be at same phase ( A and A or B and B )
b. To operate alternately , LED warning lamp must be set to have the opposite Phase ( A and B or B and A ) 

ECE R65 Flash Patterns :

Phase A : Single 
Phase B : Single 
Phase C : Double
Phase D : Double

SAE Flash Patterns :

SAE Rated – 32 Flash Patterns
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